We believe that successful implementation of your project requires two key elements: good practices and the right people.


Many businesses use the services of the statutory auditor not only because it is their duty to certify the accounts imposed by law, but also because they know that the work of the independent expert, can help them in time to identify potential misstatements in the accounting system and increase assurance that the financial statements are prepared to give a true and fair view of the company to third parties and to form a solid foundation for financial information for management decisions.

/ Our core values ​​and principles:

  • 1) Audit conducted on a professional level and the highest quality in accordance with Slovak and international standards is the main content of our work. The quality of our work is proven by references of our satisfied clients.
  • 2) Many years of experience in audit practice and perfect knowledge of the issue of the Slovak business environment - there are inherent attributes of our work. Our company was founded in 2003 as a natural consequence of many years of cooperation of its founders which have been working independently before.
  • 3) Flexibility
    We are able to meet the needs of your clients and understand them utmost. This means that we provide audit services to the full extent, any problem we can solve reliably, in a high quality and with the utmost customer satisfaction.
  • 4) Readiness to new accounting procedures
    Process of gradual adaptation of national accounting standards to international becomes inevitable. We are already prepared for that and we are well in issues of international legal standards.In addition Slovak we communicate well in English and German.